Synchro Aluminium Footblock

Synchro Aluminium Footblock

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Product Overview

A unique block that is synchronized with running rigging systems.

The Synchro footblock without jammer is ideal for turning lines along the deck, cockpit or any flat surface. Commonly used for spinnaker sheets, travelers, jib car systems and more. The larger sheave diameter works well with up to 1/2" lines.

Synchro blocks combine geometry, sheave ratios and a unique Free Spin bearing to deliver performance that’s comparable to ball and roller bearing blocks used in racing—but at a more affordable price. Designed to optimize the relationship between block and line, these blocks maximize efficiency and reduce wear to both line and block. The cheek block or footblock version of these popular blocks feature a solid aluminum base to protect the sheave and bearing from possible sealant egress and an aluminum cheek for additional durability and strength. Available with or without jammer.

Synchro blocks use a larger sheave that features the Free Spin bearing. The bigger diameter sheave prevents distortion and reduces line wear while the Free-Spin bearing handles higher static loads.

Designed to be synchronized with your boat’s running rigging systems, Lewmar Synchro blocks are an ideal choice for the sailor looking to get more for less: racing features at a cruising price.

Key Features

  • Plain bearing block with ball bearing like performance
  • Highly efficient free-spin bearing reduces drag
  • Solid aluminum base prevents sealant egress into sheave or bearing
  • Molded insets in base hold sealant close to fasteners to maintain seal while under load
  • Aluminum cheek for added strength and durability
  • Standard equipment on newer racer/cruiser sailboats including Beneteau
  • Ideal for:
    • Travelers
    • Turning lines along deck, cockpit or other flat surfaces
    • Spinnaker sheets and guys
    • Can be used with angled pad to improve line scope